Getting Around The Parade

Phillip had a NorWesCon meeting today, so I decided to buy some shampoo. I’ve recently started the second of the three bottles I’d bought at The Body Shop (because I was too lazy to go to The Soap Box in Pike Place Market). So, today, I decided to make that trip to The Soap Box.

Phillip had asked me to return a book he’d borrowed from the library. As I walked up the hill to the Capitol Hill Library, I realized that I’d forgotten three things: a shopping bag, a book to read while I’m waiting for a bus, and a hat. It wasn’t raining, but it felt like it could start at any minute. I continued on anyway.

I dropped the library book off, and continued on to Broadway. I had an 11-minute wait for the next 49. I struck up a conversation with a nice stranger. I’d scooted over so he’d have room to lean against the wall. He had been thinking that he had farther to walk for the bus stop, and when he realized he was at the stop, he made a sudden turn – he thought I’d moved over because he’d almost bumped into me. He was waiting for the 60, which arrived before the 49.

As the 49 approached Convention Place Station, the driver made an announcement, and I realized that I’d forgotten something else: Buses were being rerouted because of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade along 4th Avenue. (It seems a week early to me.)  I exited at 9th Avenue, and walked down Pine Street. I was glad I’d forgotten my hat, because it was very windy Downtown. 4th Avenue wasn’t closed off yet, but I decided to avoid the Westlake crowd. I entered Westlake Station between 6th and 5th, walked the length of the tunnel station, and exited at 3rd Avenue. I walked through Pike Place Market to The Soap Box.

I asked the woman at the shampoo station if she had anything coffee-scented. No, she said, but she had a scent that was “like musky chocolate”. She gave me a sample smell, and it smelled good to me. While she was mixing up my shampoo, I struck up a conversation with another nice stranger. She was curious about the shampoo, and I gave The Soap Box shampoo a glowing review. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered that the shampoo scent I bought is named “Princess”. I try not to be hung up on gender stereotypes, but “Princess” seems like an odd name for a musky chocolate. The shampoo fit nicely in my coat pocket, actually, but I asked for a bag anyway.

After The Soap Box, I walked over to Seattle Coffee Works for a latte. The folks working there were as surprised as I had been that the Saint Patrick’s Day parade was today, not next week.

When I emerged from Seattle Coffee Works, 4th Avenue had just been closed off. Traffic was a mess. I decided to have the transit tunnel save me again, take the First Hill Streetcar home, and bypass Downtown altogether.

I walked along 3rd Avenue to University Street Station. I walked into the station, and my usually flawless sense of direction suddenly stopped working. I started walking toward what I thought was the southbound platform. The signs directed me toward the other platform, however. As I went down the stairs, as I waited at the platform, and as the Link train arrived, I could not shake the feeling that I was heading in the wrong direction. Despite the station signs, everything felt backwards.

The train was heading south, however, and I exited at International District/Chinatown Station. I had a 6-minute wait for the streetcar. It was polka-dotted, wrapped in an advertisement for Sound Credit Union.

I rode the streetcar to the end of the line. I stopped off at Dick’s Drive In for a couple of Deluxes and fries.

Then I walked home.


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