Rides On The Hill

I went to Writers’ Group today with the beginning of a story Phillip had suggested. Phillip, meanwhile, spent the day with Kelly.

Kelly came over about an hour before I left, and I helped her find a parking spot. (With such a densely populated neighborhood, filled with apartment buildings, parking spots are scarce around here.)

Kelly and Phillip did some shopping on 15th. They gave me a ride up the hill. I did some shopping with them, since I was early for Writers’ Group.

Russ, Rebecca, Mariah, and, of course, Barbara were there. We were a lively group today.

When the group broke up this afternoon, Barbara offered rides down the hill to both Mariah and me. (Mariah to Downtown to catch a bus to West Seattle, and home for me.) The windstorm was still in full force, so we both accepted.

When I got home, Phillip was there, and Kelly had already left.


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