The Con, Day 2

Room Service restocked the coffee supply with: 4 cups, 5 coffee packets (including 1 decaf), 4 packets of sugar, 8 containers of creamer, and 2 stir sticks. I see the pattern: I’m expected to use 1 packet of sugar and 2 containers of creamer per cup of coffee, and use each stir stick twice.

NWC39 ribbons1After Phillip left for work this morning, I waited in the hotel room for his phone to charge. (NorWesCon hadn’t quite opened for the day.) It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, that I remembered that we’d brought the portable charger with us. Phillip could have taken the phone and the charger to work with him. I caught up with him at a pre-arranged time and brought him his phone, with a 46% charge.

I went to two author readings today: Caroline M. Yoachim and Tina Connolly. Both readings featured chocolate and music.

I wandered around the convention for a while. At the Living Computer Museum table, I thought I was being clever and/or interesting when I said, “Oh! A Commodore 64! That was my first computer.” The reply was, “Yeah, it was everyone’s first computer.”

I knew Phillip would want to go to lunch with me sometime during the day, but I was getting hungry. I stopped into Hospitality for a free bowl of clam chowder and a Pepsi.

I got a text message from Phillip later in the afternoon: He was ready for lunch. We walked across the street to Jack In The Box and ate there.

Phillip took a nap after lunch, and I did some reading. There are parties tonight.



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