Convention Food

I had two things I planned to buy at NorWesCon; a book and a bag. I bought the book on the first day. The bag took some searching. I needed a shoulder bag to replace the one I carry to and from work every day. My old bag was literally coming apart.

Every bag I found at the convention either didn’t have enough pockets, or it was too expensive for my budget, or it had a design that didn’t match my geekdom. I found bags that had enough pockets, but had a higher level of craftsmanship than my budget would allow. Or, I’d find bags at an affordable price, but with a design referencing something I wasn’t familiar with.

cthulhu bagToday, I found a good bag. It’s sturdy, has plenty of pockets, and had a good price. I’m not a huge fan of the Cthulhu stories, but I do like the design.

I was on my own for most of today. I didn’t do a whole lot. I wandered aimlessly through the convention. I hunted for shoulder bags. I talked to a woman about the Sherlock Holmes convention coming to Capitol Hill in the fall (and got another ribbon for my badge).

For lunch today, I had a cheeseburger at a makeshift cafeteria the hotel set up in one of the courtyards, specifically for the convention. Jen and Steve were there, and I had lunch with them.

After my lunch, Phillip caught up with me. He wanted to go to Jack In The Box. I went with him, but had only a milkshake.

It was after my second lunch that I found the Cthulhu bag.

chili dogFor dinner, I had a free chili dog at Hospitality.

Phillip was too busy working to join me for dinner. He will probably be too busy to go to any parties tonight.

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