Two Dollar Comb

I found a comb in the hotel gift shop for $1.99. That’s not too bad, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, Phillip went off to work, and I wandered around the convention on my own. I went through the Art show and the Dealers Room. There were some panels I was interested in, but, somehow, I didn’t get to them.

Phillip and I had planned to go to the Philip K. Dick Award ceremony, but as I was on my way there, Phillip sent me a text message. He was working late, and wouldn’t be able to make it. So I went alone. All six of the nominated authors were there, and they all did readings. Apex, by Ramez Naam, won. It sounds like a good book.

Phillip caught up with me while I was waiting in line for the burlesque show, after the award ceremony. Amber had promised to reserve seats for us, four or five rows back from the stage. We discovered that out seats were front row.

The burlesque show was named “Fangs”. It was vampire-themed. We ran into other friends there, of course, and Rob and I took on a mission to discover who sang the cover of “Bella Lugosi’s Dead” during Morgue Ann’s routine. We never did find out.

Phillip and I caught up with another group of friends after the burlesque show, and we party-hopped until two in the morning.

party hand

Party Hand

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