Another Bag? More Books?

I had decided, last night, that I was going to go to at least one NorWesCon party while Phillip was working. I was alone in the hotel room, I was tired, and it was only 8:30 or so. I took it easy, and I did some reading. There was a nice reading chair in the corner of our room, but no light nearby. So I stretched out on the bed and read.

I kept falling asleep. I kept falling asleep more and more frequently. I got under the sheets and decided to take a proper nap before the parties.

I woke up when Phillip came back to the room. “What time is it?” I asked. “It’s two-thirty,” he answered. Well, no partying for me last night. (At least Phillip didn’t pull a literal all-nighter, like last year.)

This morning, after Phillip left for work, I went to a panel discussion on Alternate Universes (the literary kind). Then I went to a reading by YA author Jennifer Brozek. She read from Never Let Me Sleep.

It was a small audience at Jennifer Brozek’s reading. (It was the last day of the convention, after all.) After the reading, she gave away all four books in the Karen Wilson Chronicles to the first person to raise their hand. That was me! I won four books – and they’re going out of print soon (because they’re being re-published as one volume), so they will soon be collector’s items. I ended up buying her collection of short stories, titled Apocalypse Girl Dreaming.

I took my five new books back to the hotel room. It was around 12:30. I knew the Charity Auction started at 2:00, but I checked the schedule to be sure. It actually started at 11:30. It goes on for a long time – until either all the items have been sold, or until they absolutely need to vacate the room. I rushed down to the auction. Of course, it was still going on.

Todd, from Northwest Harvest was there, of course. (The proceeds from the auction go to Northwest Harvest.) I’d made friends with him last year. Todd had thought the auction started at 1:00.

I bid on a book named The Girl and the Clockwork Cat, by Nikki McCormick. I know nothing about the book – I just like the name. I won the bid, and got the book at a reasonable price.

I bid on a book Phillip had asked me to try to get for him. (Phillip was, of course, working at the auction.) The book is Toy Wars, by Thomas Gondolfi. I got the book for the maximum bid he was willing to pay.

I bid on The Light Side of the Moon, by Elizabeth Guizzetti. (It’s the sequel to Other Systems, which I bought on Thursday, and am enjoying a lot.) I won the bid and got the book for a third of what I paid for Other Systems (which didn’t cost very much). It gave me an odd feeling to get an item for such an amazing deal, when the money is going to charity.

I didn’t bid on anything else. Three bids – three wins. Not bad.

After I paid for the three books, Phillip and I went over to the Dealers Room. It was the first time we’d been there together. Phillip knew all the dealers, since, as Charity Lead, it was his job to ask the dealers to donate items for the Charity Auction. (This year, no one said no.)

Thea Maia bag

The Thea Maia bag

As Phillip was talking to the artist Thea Maia, I was holding the three books, plus Phillip’s notebooks. Thea’s assistant looked at me and said, “You look like you need a book bag.” So, I bought one.

(Phillip accuses me of collecting too many bags. He’s right about that, actually. I eased his mind about me buying the Cthulhu bag by explaining that I wasn’t buying a bag, I was replacing one. But the sales pitch for the book bag was so perfect, and the bags were so pretty, that I just had to buy one.)

After the Dealers Room, we dropped our stuff off in the hotel room, had lunch in the hotel, then packed up, checked out, and drove home.

I’ve broken the news to Phillip that I haven’t pre-registered for NorWesCon 40, and I may not. I may do a day or two next year, but four days was just too much this year. There were just too many times this year that nothing going on interested me, and I spent too much time just sitting in a quiet corner of the hotel, reading.

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