Well, That All Worked Out

I’d planned on returning Hour of the Wolf to the library today. The Capitol Hill library is on my home from the new Capitol Hill Station. It was a beautiful day in Seattle – sunny and mild – so I decided to take a walk during my afternoon break, and return the book to the Central Library. In hindsight, that decision worked out well.

(I’ve recently developed a plan to help our library save some time and resources. If a book originated at the Capitol Hill branch, I’ll return it there, and if it came from the Central Library, I’ll return it there. Hour of the Wolf came from the Columbia City branch, so it didn’t matter which one got it.)

Keep Buses Moving

Pioneer Square Station

At the end of the day today, I walked over to Pioneer Square Station. I was thinking how, on a nice day like today, it’s almost a shame that my evening commute is all underground now.

I tapped my ORCA card before I went down to the platform. I just missed a 3-car Link train. I wasn’t concerned. The trains are running every ten minutes or so, factoring in the delays from tunnel buses. In hindsight, that worked out well.

After a few minutes, there was an announcement, both on the speakers and on the LED signs. Link is not operating between Westlake and University of Washington Station, due to a blockage. The announcement instructed riders to catch a 49 bus on Pike Street.

(I haven’t heard any details about the blockage. What sort of blockage could there be in a tunnel? My theory is a broken-down bus at Westlake Station.)

I canceled my ORCA tap, and returned to the surface. I sent Phillip a text message, letting him know I’d be a little late getting home. I caught a 7 bus to Pike. I just missed a 43 at 4th & Pike. I was about to check OneBusAway to see how long the wait for a 47 would be, when a 10 bus arrived. On an impulse, knowing the 10 is now rerouted to Olive Way, I caught it instead. In hindsight, that impulse worked out well.

I exited the 10 at Summit and Olive. On the other side of Olive, I heard a voice: “Hello, neighbor.” It was Bruce, from the p-patch.

Bruce and I talked as we walked along Summit Avenue. I hadn’t seen Bruce in a long time. (I’ll probably be seeing him more often in the p-patch, now that Spring is here.) Bruce told me about the goings on in the p-patch.  We shared our admiration of the Link extension.  (Bruce was there at the Grand Opening.)

Just before we parted ways, Bruce and I both shrugged our shoulders at the Link blockage. Stuff happens, we agreed, and it’s great that Sound Transit was able to get an announcement up so quickly, and provide folks with an alternative.

If I hadn’t decided to return the book to the Central Library instead of Capitol Hill, if I’d caught that first Link train, if the blockage hadn’t occurred, if I’d waited for the 47 instead of hopping on the 10, I wouldn’t have run into Bruce and have that nice talk.

2 thoughts on “Well, That All Worked Out

  1. Well gosh, mystery solved (for me). I got on the 43 at Williams Place probably 4ish this afternoon and could’ve sworn some fellows behind us were talking about the train not running but I zoned out because the afternoon sun through the windows was making me sleepy. Plus, one of the guys I was eavesdropping on had a syrupy British accent and so I figured I was misunderstanding him.

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