Under The Convention

Shortly after Phillip left for work this morning, he called me. There’s a car2go on the corner, he told me. I thanked him, and left it at that. The truth is, I haven’t had the need for a car2go in a long time. I still love the cars, and the system – I just haven’t needed it.

(Later on in the day, I suddenly thought of a need I may have someday. Actually, more of a “use” than a “need”. What if I don’t feel like walking to, or home from, Capitol Hill Station? A car2go may came in handy. I may keep an eye on what parking is like around the station.)

This afternoon, I saw on the Capitol Hill Blog that a new car sharing service has arrived in Seattle. (I knew The City was planning to expand car sharing, but I hadn’t heard about today’s launch date until I saw the article.) It’s called ReachNow, and it seems that it’s part of BMW. (Car2go is owned by Daimler AG, which owns Mercedes and Smart.) From what I’ve read, it’s going to cost about the same as car2go. It’ll be “free floating”, like car2go. ReachNow will offer BMW 3-series sedans, BMW i3s, and MINIs.

I’m very excited about this. Even if I use ReachNow less than I use car2go, it’ll be good to see some competition in car sharing. (I’m not forgetting Zipcar – I see them in a different category.) Maybe it’ll free up some cars2go. The drawback, for me, is that ReachNow seems to be entirely smartphone app-based, even its signup process.

I’m still on the fence about investing in a smartphone.

(Car2go has a better name than ReachNow, in my opinion.)

I remember seeing a ReachNow i3 this morning, but I don’t remember where. (Possibly, on my way from Pioneer Square Station to work, or maybe during my walk to the library during my morning break.) Of course, at the time, I didn’t know what it was. I just saw the logo on a cool electric BMW.

I saw two more ReachNow cars on my walk home from Capitol Hill Station. Both were parked, and both were 4-door MINIs.

ReachNow MINI

Actually, the logo sort of looks like a pharmaceutical company. 

At the Westlake Station platform this morning, a tourist with a pile of suitcases asked me if it was a special bus, or what, that goes to the airport. That’s quite a twist on the question I’m usually asked. I understood her confusion, however. I’m guessing that she was told to catch “Link” to the airport at Westlake Station. When she got there, the tunnel was full of buses.

I told her that it’s a light rail train, and it’ll be here in two minutes. Then a Link train arrived at the northbound platform. I realized, then, that the announcement I’d heard had said “The next train, northbound…” I’m still not quite used to the sight of northbound trains continuing through Westlake.

The southbound train arrived shortly after that. Just before it got to the platform, the tourist pointed up to the sign and asked, “What’s the difference between ‘Airport’ and ‘SeaTac/Airport’?” I told her that, later this year, light rail will be extended past the airport to Angle Lake, and that sign is just temporary. I knew she had no idea what I was talking about, but there was no time to explain further.

I’m still not seeing 3-car trains anymore. I do think it’s nice that Link can expand its trains when they think they’ll need to.

Today was the start of Emerald City Comicon. Several of my coworkers had the day off. As I took a seat in the Link train at Pioneer Square Station, on my way home, I realized that I’d be missing seeing the interesting crowds and I should have taken the 47 home. Oh, well, it was too late. I rode home under the convention.

4 thoughts on “Under The Convention

  1. I, too, am increasingly frustrated with phones and am thinking about getting a SmartPhone. But for now, I strike up conversations at the bus stop by asking SmartPhone users, when the bus is coming!

    I think ReachNow is not a very good name, it sounds like an exercise program.

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