Books At The Library

Today, Phillip and I took light rail to University Street Station. Then we walked to the Central Library. We had tickets to view Shakespeare’s First and Third Folios – the actual, 400-year-old books. We had tickets for 12:00, but we got to the 8th floor at 11:25. (Darn you, fast light rail!) We were prepared to wander around the library a while, but the kind library employees let us in early. (The tickets were free, and merely a means of crowd control.)

The books and the displays were impressive, of course. Did I mention that we were looking at 400-year-old books? Of the 700 copies of the First Folio, 234 are known to still exist. (One was found just this week.) We saw one of them today – wow!

After the viewing, we wandered around the library’s third floor (the main floor if you enter from 5th Avenue). We browsed around the gift shop.

Then we walked over to Veggie Grill and had lunch. The restaurant was packed, because of Emerald City Comicon.

Vegie Grill

We did some shopping in Target. Then it was time to head home. We walked to 4th & Pike and checked OneBusAway. A 47 was due in 2 minutes. (If the wait was too long, we were going to take Link light rail home.) We rode the 47 home.

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