Awesome And Otherwise

Today was my first commute home in the rain, post Capitol Hill Station opening. Most of it, I knew, would be underground, except for the walk to Pioneer Square Station and the walk home from Capitol Hill Station. At least there would be no waiting in the rain.

I got to the Pioneer Square Station entrance on 3rd and both the up and down escalators were out of order. I had never seen both of them out at the same time. I had three options: down the elevator, down the stairs, or go across the street to the James Street entrance. I chose the elevator.

I shared the elevator with three other people. As we rode down, we could hear a tunnel announcement: “Please hold the handrails” – the rest of the message (“while standing on trains and buses.”) was cut off. The guy in the elevator laughed and said, “This elevator moves so slow I don’t think we need to hold on to the handrails.” I replied, “I think I could stand on one foot in this elevator.”

I got to the platform just as a train was leaving. Three or four buses followed, then the next train arrived. It was a three-car train. It made me happy that Sound Transit is still running three-car trains. (I see it as a sign that the system is successful.)

I boarded the third car and found plenty of empty seats. I sat near three high school aged guys who were practicing some rap. They seemed to be keeping in rhythm with the moving train. They were quite good.

There were no delays in the tunnel.

The three rappers exited at Westlake Station. I looked over at the opposite platform. An elevator was out of order. (What was going on in the tunnel this evening to cause everything to break down?)

I exited Capitol Hill Station at Broadway and John. I was raining steadily, but not too heavily. I’d brought my hooded raincoat, but not a hat.

I thought about how handy the light rail station will be when I have my dental appointment, just two blocks away, next week.

I stopped into the Capitol Hill Library to pick up a hold for Phillip. I never print out a reminder slip when I check out my own books, and I couldn’t remember what Phillip’s preference is. My instinct said that he doesn’t want a reminder slip, but, just to be safe, I opted for the reminder. The screen then asked me if I wanted it printed or emailed. The email option is new, I think. I chose to print it.

I love our library, but, after thinking about it for a while, emailing a reminder slip seems kind of odd. If you’re going to log on to your email account to see when your library book is due back, why not log on to your library account to see the same information?

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