The Difference An Hour Makes

I got out of my dental appointment (with another new hygienist) sometime after 8:00 this morning. (I wasn’t paying attention to the time very closely.) I walked two blocks to Capitol Hill Station. When I got to the platform, I had a five-minute wait for the next train. I’m guessing it was around 8:15 when the train arrived.

The platform was crowded, and when the 2-car train arrived, it was close to full. When the Capitol Hill commuters boarded, it was standing-room only. It was only the second stop, and the train was already full.

In my usual 7-ish commute, when I exit at Pioneer Square Station, there are four or five people exiting with me. This morning, there were dozens of people exiting. There were lines for the ORCA card readers. An hour makes quite a difference in the morning commute.

I was at my desk by 8:30.

Last week, on my commute home, I was surprised to see a 2-car train arrive at Pioneer Square Station jammed with riders. Several people were wearing Seattle Mariners gear, so I suspected there had been a game that afternoon. An internet check, when I got home, confirmed that suspicion.

I like our light rail system. It’s not perfect, but it is a work in progress. It really does make me happy to see it so well used – whether by commuters or baseball fans. I’d rather occasionally stand for a mile or two than ride in constantly empty trains.

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