The Map Is Doing Well

On a whim, I decided to walk up the hill this morning and ride light rail all the way to work. I crossed Broadway behind a guy who was walking at the same pace as me. He continued walking at the same casual pace into Capitol Hill Station. He tapped his ORCA card, looked up, and then suddenly started running. I wondered why. He went flying down the first set of escalators, maybe touching every sixth step, and that was the last I saw of him.

Then I looked up, saw the “Next Arrival” display and understood why that guy picked up his pace: The next southbound train was arriving in 1 minute.

The train after that was scheduled to arrive in 6 minutes. That was fine with me. I had plenty of time. A five-minute wait wasn’t going to hurt me.

There was a question asked on Seattle Transit Blog recently about why the signs bother displaying more than one arrival time. (What difference does it make when the train after the next one arrives? was the point of the question.) This morning, I found the answer.

sole mapYesterday, I wore the seven dollar Vans I found at Value Village last November. Today, I was back to wearing my new Oliberté. They’re nicely broken in, now. I forget I’m wearing them. I like the way the map looks when the sole gets dirty from walking around. The dirt makes the details stand out, and gives the map a nice textured look. The soles had a firm grip on today’s wet sidewalks.

I can see these shoes lasting a good long while.



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