Minor Miner

I had a fun day of gaming in Everett today. Neither Daniel nor Kelly could make it, and Colin and Sam have decided the game wasn’t for them, so it was Ben, Brian, Kathi, Phillip and me.

Today’s game was set entirely within a flashback, during the Wild West, in the southwest area of North America.

I played a character named Jeremiah Clutter. It was a character created partially by Brian (the gamemaster) during an earlier flashback game. I developed my character further for today’s game.  Jeremiah is around 10 or 11 years old. (He’s not sure.) He grew up in an orphanage, which he eventually ran away from. He got a job in a mineral mine, and does some pocket-picking to make ends meet.

Today’s game was centered around my character. (That made me happy.) Two men disguised as Native Americans attack Jeremiah, steal the turquoise he’d mined that day, and flee on foot into the desert. A deaf Ranger and/or Scout (Phillip) is sent to investigate. Jeremiah is convinced that his attackers are brothers, and possibly Mexican. Together, Jeremiah and the Ranger take off on horseback, after the criminals.

The criminals elude them, and they end up at the homestead of a young Irish woman (Kathi) and her younger brother (Ben). The brother is about Jeremiah’s age, and works at the stables in town. The Irish woman, named Bridgette, feeds Jeremiah and tends his wounds.

Bridgette invites Jeremiah to live with her and her brother, where he’d be safe and well-fed. Jeremiah declines her offer, preferring his life of freedom on the streets.

The two criminals, and three more of their outlaw gang, are seen heading toward the homestead. Bridgette and the Ranger arm themselves. Jeremiah is ordered to hide underneath the bed. Jeremiah obeys at first, then climbs out of the bedroom window, intending to ambush the criminals.

Bridgette’s brother comes home just as the fight is about to begin. Bridgette and the Ranger, with their guns, and Jeremiah with a slingshot, and the brother with a pitchfork, which he throws like a spear (!), fight off the five criminals. One criminal is killed, two are captured, and two escape.

The Ranger fetches the Sheriff and brings him to the homestead. They find a lot of stolen goods on the criminals, including Jeremiah’s stolen turquoise. The reward money is divided, and Jeremiah, once again refusing Bridgette’s offer of a roof over his head, heads back to the mining community. Bridgette’s brother heads back to work. The Sheriff and the Ranger head back to town with the two surviving criminals.

Jeremiah, the brother, and the Ranger, all hear gunshots. They return to the homestead to find that Bridgette has fought off the two criminals, who had returned to finish her off. She killed one and one escaped. Bridgette was badly wounded in the fight.

The Ranger orders Jeremiah to live at the homestead, and help out on the ranch, until Bridgette heals. He is allowed to keep his job at the mine, however, and Bridgette promises to pack him a fine lunch everyday. Jeremiah reluctantly obeys. The Ranger teaches Jeremiah to shoot a gun. Jeremiah is unhappy about losing his street life, but he cheers up a little when the daughter of the brother’s boss is sent to help with the housework. (The daughter is 12 years old.)

Jeremiah is settling in to his unwanted farm life when the kinfolk of the criminals show up, seeking revenge.

And that’s where today’s session ended.

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