Trouble On The Wires

Our 47 bus was blocked this morning by a large semi stopped in the middle of the lane on Bellevue Avenue, at Pine Street. The semi had its 4-way blinkers on, so it obviously intended to be there a while. I couldn’t see the top of the semi from my seat in the back of the bus, but I guessed it was inches from the overhead wires. There was no way a trolley bus could get around it.

There was also a Metro supervisor’s van at the scene, parked next to the Pronto station, with its yellow overhead lights flashing.

My first thought was: The bus driver could let us out here, we could walk around the corner to the stop on Pine, giving the semi driver the stink eye along the way, and transfer to a bus coming down Pine.

My second thought was: Hey, we’re in one of those new trolleys – the kind that can travel without overhead wires for a few miles. We could get around the semi. This is what these new New Flyer Xcelsior XT40s are designed for. It would be a tight squeeze, but with that supervisor directing the bus driver, we could make it.

Then, a Seattle Police Officer appeared from around the corner, and said something to the semi driver. The semi started moving, and stopped on the opposite side of Pine Street (where there are no trolley wires). The construction workers didn’t seem pleased with the arrival of the semi into their work area.

I wondered if the Metro supervisor had asked the semi driver to move, and, getting “No” for an answer, called the cops.

Our 47 pulled into the bus stop on Pine. The driver got out and put the poles back on the wires. So, it seems the plan was to squeeze around the semi. I hadn’t even heard the poles being lowered.

And we were on our way.

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