Where Is Pioneer Square?

Recently, a friend commented that Elliott Bay Books was better when it was located in Pioneer Square. That started me wondering what’s in the building that Elliott Bay Books vacated. And that made me realize that it has been a very long time since I’ve visited Occidental Square, in the heart of Pioneer Square. I have no idea what’s there anymore. I don’t even hear about it anymore – not like I used to.

Do the police still walk around in 1900s uniforms?

I regularly wander through WordPress blogs with the “Seattle” category. I enjoy reading about tourists’ impressions of my city. I see that tourists are visiting Pike Place Market and Seattle Center. Sometimes, they get “off the beaten path” and visit Fremont or Capitol Hill. But it seems no one is visiting Pioneer Square anymore – or, if they are, they’re not finding enough to blog about.

I read about the club scene in Belltown and on Capitol Hill. I remember when Pioneer Square was the club center of Seattle.

The next time I joyride on the First Hill Streetcar, I just may have to ride all the way to end of the line at 1st and Jackson and discover what’s there.

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