Bus, Train, Streetcar, Burrito

Phillip asked me if I wanted to go somewhere for lunch today. I requested Chipotle. We hadn’t been there in a long time. I also requested how we’d get there: We’d walk over to Broadway and Denny, and catch the First Hill Streetcar to the next stop, Broadway and Pike, which is a half-block from Chipotle.

Phillip liked the Chipotle idea, but requested a change to how we’d get there. He wanted to go to Uwajimaya and get some tabi (socks with a big toe). Then we could stop at Chipotle on the way back.

I agreed with Phillip’s modification, and asked him how he wanted to get to Uwajimaya – light rail or streetcar? He chose light rail.

We stopped into the credit union on Broadway, on our way to Capitol Hill Station, to get some cash. As we exited the credit union, a 60 bus was arriving. So we rode the 60 to Broadway and Denny.

This is the coolest bus stop in Seattle: a bus stop, a streetcar stop, and a light rail entrance, all in one place. (Plus, there’s a Pronto bike share station across the street.)

The platform in Capitol Hill Station was packed with people. Many were wearing Sounders gear. Because our original plan didn’t include us being anywhere near a sports stadium, neither one of us thought to check the game schedules. The two-car Link train was jammed with passengers, standing-room only. This didn’t dampen our day. It was a quick trip to International District/Chinatown Station.

Phillip found plenty of tabi in the Kinokuniya Bookstore, inside Uwajimaya, but none in a pattern and/or color he liked. We browsed around the bookstore a while, then we headed over to the streetcar stop on Jackson Street. Phillip considered trying to find another shop selling tabi (there had to be some), but we were both getting hungry.

We just missed a bright pink streetcar, and had an 8-minute wait for a polka-dot (bubble pattern?) credit union-sponsored streetcar.

The streetcar was busy, but not full.

As the streetcar turned onto Broadway, it occurred to me that I didn’t quite know where the southbound stops are – and which one is closest to Chipotle. Phillip didn’t know, either, and it didn’t really matter. It was a nice day, neither one of us minded walking a bit.

I guessed that Broadway and Marion would be our closest stop, so we exited there. It turned out that it was about two blocks to Chipotle from there. The next stop, Broadway and Pine, was a block and a half past Chipotle, so it didn’t really matter either way.

We had our lunch in Chipotle, and walked home from there, doing some shopping along the way.

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