Short Day

I had a dream this morning that I was involved in a series of clinical trials. I was neither a test subject nor a researcher. It seemed that I was there merely to observe. That is all that I remember about the dream.

The alarm woke me up this morning. I sat on the edge of the futon for a while and tried to motivate myself to get moving. I considered calling in sick, but decided that I was merely tired. I left for work as usual.

When I got to work, I realized that I should have stayed home. Headache, fatigue, and upset stomach. A little after ten, I told my boss I was going home. She offered to call me an Uber, on the company account, but I told her light rail would be fine. (Maybe the 47 would have been better – less walking – but I ultimately decided walking would feel better than waiting.)

I sent a text message to Phillip, coordinated with my coworkers, and made my way home. I was surprised at how crowded the 2-car train was at 10:30 on a Thursday morning. It was standing-room only between Pioneer Square Station and University Street Station. I managed to grab a seat as people exited at University Street.

I came home, went to bed, and read until I fell asleep. I had no dreams about clinical trials or anything else. (At least, I don’t remember any.) I slept until 4:00, or so.

5 thoughts on “Short Day

  1. Wow what a weird and interesting experience! Last night I had a dream within a dream! I woke up in it and then was talking to my sister about my dream etc. Then I woke up again! Haha I love dreams, although they still confuse me. Sharon

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