I Bought A Comic Book

Today was Free Comic Book Day.

Phillip and I got a late start to the day, so we didn’t get out of the apartment until almost one o’clock. We guessed that the free comics at Phoenix Comics & Games would be gone by then, but we decided we might as well give it a shot.

We got up to Broadway, and checked OneBusAway to see if we could save some time by taking a bus a few blocks. The 49 was due in 10 minutes, and the 60 was due in 14. So, we walked.

There were still a huge number of free comics left, in a wide variety of genres. Phoenix was packed with people.

Every participating store sets their own rules for their free comics, and these were Phoenix’s: You were limited to three free comic books. If you bought something in the store, you could have a fourth free comic book – plus, whatever you bought would be marked down by a role of “3 d6 discount”.

I don’t know much about comic books, especially when I get into the multi-book series. I know the solution is to just pick something and try it out, but I get overwhelmed by the variety I see on the shelves.

I picked out three free comics. One was an independent, alternative-looking thing. One looked steampunk. And the third was a series title I was familiar with.

Pauls free comics

Phillip knows a lot more about comic books than I. He picked out three, and was considering a fourth. He decided to shop for a comic book to buy. I browsed around the store, also.

Ultimately, Phillip decided that he didn’t see anything he wanted. He was going to go with the best of the three. I, however, had seen a Batman book – Dark Knight, Dark City – which looked interesting. I told Phillip that I’d buy the Batman comic, and get the fourth free comic he’d wanted.

I rolled the three six-sided dice and got a six, a five, and a one – and got the Batman comic at a 12% discount.

I bought a comic book today. It wasn’t the first time, but it’s a rare event.

We stopped into QFC on the way home, where we bought, among other things, some resealable plastic bags to organize our power cords. (Thank you, Gretchen!)

This evening, we drove to AFK, in Everett, for Sam’s birthday. It was us, and Andrew, and Colin, and, of course, Sam. We had dinner and played Zombie Munchkin and Cthulhu Fluxx.

Now that I look back on it, it was a rather geeky day.

3 thoughts on “I Bought A Comic Book

  1. By the time we were in there yesterday (a couple hours after you I would imagine), it was four free comics and a fifth if you bought something. But I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging because one of our selections was Grumpy Cat. The shop was so crowded, my oldest couldn’t get a good look at the Magic cards by the counter. The boys and I were down by the Montlake Cut for the races and boat parade and afterward we rode the train up, stopped in the shop to look around and then caught the 8 home. Enjoy the rest of the weekend……

  2. I take that back: It was five free comics when we there. That’s what I thought when I was first writing this but they were scattered all over so I couldn’t count them for editorial accuracy. But just now as I was picking them up and stacking everything atop the Sunday paper so the living room isn’t such a disaster, I noticed there were five.

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