Drill Sounds

I love that my dentist’s office offers 7 a.m. appointments. I love that his office is a matter of blocks from home.

This morning’s appointments started at 7 a.m. as usual. It was two, back-to-back appointments. (I love that my dentist’s office can do that.) First was a laser cleaning. (Ah, the smell of burning material.) Next, I had a cavity filled. (Ah, the feel of the dental dam, and the sound of that drill.)

Both were done with the NuCalm system. I’ve had them use this before, and I love it. (I used to think it was called Calm. Maybe that was a different system, or maybe I mis-heard the name before. Either way, today’s system was familiar.) I was given a natural calming solution under my tongue. I had electrodes attached below my ears for calming feedback. I was given headphones attached to an MP3 player with new age/classical style music. (I could control the volume.) And, I was given a choice of either an eye pillow or light-filtering glasses. (I chose the glasses.)

I walked home at a little before ten o’clock. I’d arranged to take the whole day off from work. I passed the library, and wanted to go in, but it was three minutes before it opened, and I didn’t feel like waiting, so I continued home.

I spent the day reading, writing, playing The Sims 4, and napping.

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