The Thought That Counts

chocolate squirrelLast Easter, Phillip and I were at NorWesCon 39. Phillip bought me many, many, many presents and “hid” them throughout the hotel room. I bought Phillip an Easter present as well. He outdid me in quantity, but his present from me was better hidden. (Not that there was any sort of contest.)

Last week, Phillip presented me with an Easter present he didn’t pack on our convention trip: A milk chocolate squirrel. We both got a kick out of that: Instead of the traditional chocolate bunny or duck, is was a squirrel. How funny is that?

Phillip hadn’t noticed that it was milk chocolate “flavored”. (Not that I’m complaining.)

Last night, I bit the squirrel’s head off and offered some of the body to Phillip. We agreed: It tasted awful. We’ve become used to Theo Chocolate – real chocolate.

Still, it was a milk chocolate squirrel, and that’s pretty awesome.

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