Phillip Drove Me Into The 21st Century

I finally did it, and I’m still in shock.

I have entered the 21st century, and it’s Phillip’s fault.

I bought a smart phone today.

It’s been so hot in our apartment this past week that we both looked forward to spending some time this weekend in an air-conditioned movie theater. Phillip checked the showtimes at The Crest and found a movie neither one of us had heard of but looked interesting: April and the Extraordinary World.

Today turned out to be a cool, rainy day, but we decided to go see a movie anyway.

April and the Extraordinary World is delightful. We both agreed that it’s going to be a movie we will own in our collection. It’s an animated movie from France. (I learned later that it’s based on a graphic novel.) We saw it dubbed into English. The animation style is original. The story is surprising, and often full of laugh-out-loud details. It’s a fascinating and original twist on steampunk themes. Instead of a Victorian age in which steam power has greatly advanced, it’s the 1930s to 1940s and the world is still relying on steam power because scientific advancement has ceased.

Anyway, I drove us to The Crest, and Phillip drove us home – but not directly.

As Phillip drove us away from The Crest, he asked me if I wanted to stop into the nearest Cricket store. I told him I was still sort of thinking about a smart phone, but I preferred to do it online. Phillip asked me why I don’t want to get it in the store.  I replied that I wanted to take the time to compare features without sales pressure. (The truth was, I was simply afraid of the unknown.)

Phillip drove us down 145th, turned right onto 15th, and into the Cricket store parking lot. You can look at the phones, he said, see which one feels right, and then buy it online.

When we walked out, I had a new smart phone and a Cricket account. Phillip actually seemed surprised. (I was under no pressure, but the fact that I had 5 days left on my Tracfone had something to do with my decision.)

I bought a mid-priced LG phone that’s so new the carrying cases for it hadn’t arrived yet. (The store will call me when they arrive.) This thing’s the size of a laptop. I’m going to have to wear a jacket, just to be able to carry it around – until the case arrives.

Phillip told me that when we got home, I’d have to finish the story I was working on for tomorrow’s Writers’ Group before I’d be allowed to play with my new phone. Before we got home, however, we stopped into the Target at Northgate and then the Fred Meyer in Ballard. The soft drink Phillip bought at The Crest wouldn’t fit in the car’s cup holder, so I had to hold it, so I couldn’t play with my new phone while we drove around, either.

We got home, finally. I finished my story. Then I played with my new phone.

I have a smart phone. Yikes.

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