Three And A Half Days Old

Screenshot_2016-05-17-13-56-57That’s how old my new phone is: Three and a half days. I’m getting used it. It’s pretty much of a toy right now, although I have yet to install any games on it. I can’t really see myself playing games on it anytime in the near future.

I’ve installed practical apps like OneBusAway, Trip Planner, car2go, Zipcar, The Seattle Public Library, Google Translate, and WSDOT. I have yet to put these practical apps to practical use. They’ll come in handy soon, in their own time.

It feels weird to go to work without that old phone clipped on my belt. It feels weird to leave the new phone on my desk whenever I get up for coffee or a bathroom break. It would feel just as weird to stick it in my back pocket every time I get up for a few minutes. I wonder what it’ll be like when the case comes in.

When I had it sitting on my desk yesterday, I was a little surprised that none of my coworkers said anything like: “Hey! Is that a new phone?” It didn’t take me long to realize that everyone has a giant smart phone sitting on their desk. I have become one of the crowd.

I’m still learning to use this perplexing thing. I’ve learned a lot, actually. You know, I’ve often wondered how people took screen shots of their phones. Now I know that, at least.

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