A Street Fair, And More

Phillip and I went to the University District Street Fair today. Before we left home, however, I found a voice message from the Cricket store: The case for my new phone had come in. So, rather than taking public transit to the U District, we drove up to 145th, picked up the case, and then drove back to the U District and parked near Phillip’s office.

It was raining as we walked to the street fair. That made it less crowded, but it made my photos turn out gray. It stopped raining, eventually, but it remained overcast and a little cool – in other words, a nice Seattle day.

We walked all the way from one end of the street fair to the other, into the University Farmers Market, and back again. We looked at booths, and bought food. I bought a bow tie and organic shaving lotion. Phillip bought a rug for our apartment entryway, a bonsai ficus,  lip balm, and a metal bat (as in the animal). We may have bought some other stuff that I’m forgetting, but I’m tired.

We happened upon Good Co – our favorite electro-swing band – performing live.

I talked with a couple of guys from ReachNow – Seattle’s newest car-sharing company. It’s a system that relies entirely on a smart phone. But, hey, I now have a smart phone! They weren’t signing up people for the service – they were just there to advertise.

We came home and relaxed a while. I finished reading Last and First Men.

I signed up for ReachNow. My thinking was exactly the same as when I signed up for car2go: There’s no sign-up fee right now, there’s no annual fee, so if I never use ReachNow, it’ll cost me nothing, but it may come in handy someday, so I might as well sign up.

Meanwhile, I’ve been showing Phillip things I’ve learned on my new smart phone. All day long, he’s been remarking about how impressed he is by how fast and useful my phone is.

Until this evening, Phillip has had a smart phone, running Android, from TracFone. But he hasn’t been happy with it. This evening, he announced that he wanted to go to the Cricket store and buy a new smart phone. So, we drove back to 145th.

Along the way, I told Phillip that this reminds me of our Kobo eReaders. (Phillip had gone with me when I bought mine at Ada’s Technical Books, but decided against buying one himself. A few days later, we went back to Ada’s, so he could buy one.) “Yes, but remember,” Phillip countered, “I already had an eReader at the time.” Before I could point out the flaw in that statement, Phillip saw it himself. “Of course, I already have a smart phone now.”

The same employee who sold me my phone sold Phillip his. Phillip got the same model phone as I have. He figures we can learn from each other as we discover things on our new phones. That seems like sound logic to me.

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