Mining Incident

We had a great session of gaming in Everett today. Unfortunately, Ben couldn’t make it, but Daniel returned after a long absence. Kelly, Brian, and Kathi were there, too.

We continued where we left off, in the Old West flashback. The Sheriff (Daniel) returns to town, after a long absence, to find that seven men had been killed while trespassing on Bridgette Finn (Kathi)’s homestead. (We all had a lot of laughs saying “The Finn Farm”. That’s the type of silly fun our gaming group has.) We’re also introduced to Ruby, the “Saloon Girl” (Kelly).

Jeremiah (me) is walking to work at the mine. He finds a sign saying that the mine is closed. He turns around, and starts back to The Finn Farm. The mine explodes. Jeremiah suffers minor injuries. (He’s a minor miner with minor injuries.) Fearing that he’ll be blamed for the explosion, he turns around to make it look as if the explosion happened before he got to the mine. The Sheriff finds him, and Jeremiah sticks with his lie.

The Sheriff orders Jeremiah to see the doctor in town. The closest thing the town has to a doctor is the dentist. After seeing the dentist, Jeremiah goes to the saloon for a sarsaparilla.

It turns out that the mine wasn’t closed after all, and there are many injuries and casualties. Ruby has organized her staff of saloon girls into a makeshift nursing station. Jeremiah lies again, saying that his injuries are worse than they are, in order to be nursed by one of the pretty saloon girls.

Karl (Phillip) and The Sheriff join the rescue party at the mine.

Meanwhile, Bridgette has a vision in which the spirit of Buttons, an opossum killed in the mining explosion after being left in a cage as a “mining canary”, tells her that Jeremiah has been fibbing about what he saw before the mine exploded. Despite being badly injured in last session’s shootout, and being confined to bed, Bridgette rides into town to give Jeremiah a whipping.

Jeremiah sticks to his lie, and he and Bridgette have a battle of the wills, which Jeremiah eventually wins.

Ruby and The Sheriff are invited over to The Finn Farm for supper. Bridgette continues to try to get Jeremiah to tell the truth, but Jeremiah continues to say that the mine exploded before he got there. The spirit of Buttons starts biting Jeremiah, until Jeremiah finally tells the truth.

Of course, the fake “Mine Closed” sign was a vital piece of evidence. It leads to the mine owner, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Jeremiah promises to never cage opossums again.

The session ended with us all back in present time, with an assassin outside our condominium building.

On our way back home, Phillip and I stopped into the Cricket store once again. Phillip had received an automated text message this morning that Cricket was unable to transfer his old phone number over to his new phone.

The same Cricket rep was there. She was as mystified as we were. She’d received a “Successful” message before we’d left the store yesterday. Besides, we all wondered, how could Phillip receive text messages on his new phone, but not phone calls?

After calling both Cricket support and TracFone support, it turned out to be TracFone’s fault. (Cricket had sent a service ticket successfully to transfer the number, but TracFone failed to act on it.) The problem was resolved there in the store.

Goodbye, TracFone.

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