An Unexpected Day

About 11:30 this morning, I was walking into our office’s lunch room, when the power went out. We looked down into the street and saw that the traffic lights were out. Trolley buses were running (they have their own power grid), but traffic was generally jammed.

Meanwhile, on Facebook (thank you, new smart phone), Snowie sent out a message that power was out in his office building, too. (He works on the north end of Downtown. I work on the south end.)

We gradually learned that the power outage covered all of “the Downtown core” – but was limited to just Downtown.

Neither the ReachNow app nor the car2go app were working. (Hmm…)

Around 12:15, power was still out, and our employer sent everyone home, with pay. A coworker told me that she’d received a text alert that Link light rail was operating, as well as the Downtown transit tunnel. (I need to add Link to my text alerts – or sign up for Twitter.)

The light rail train was packed. I’m guessing most Downtown workers took the afternoon off.

I walked into the Capitol Hill Station a little after 12:30. Coincidentally, I learned later, that’s when power was restored to Downtown.

Now I have the afternoon off.

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