Bow Tie Day

Today was Thursday, my self-imposed “tie day”. I wore the bow tie I bought at the University District Street Fair last weekend. When I bought it, I chose an actual, needs to be tied, bow tie rather than the slip-on or clip-on models.


One thing about bow ties is that they’re actually very easy to tie, once you know how, but tying one in not at all intuitive. I used to know how, years ago, but I discovered, when we got home from the street fair, that’s I’d forgotten the second step. I found a diagram on the internet and taped it to our bathroom wall. Yesterday’s Downtown power outage gave me some practice time in the afternoon.

The other thing about bow ties is that you have to adjust the neck size before you can wear it. With a neck tie, of course, you just throw it around your neck and pull one end longer than the other until it comes out to the right length. The bow tie I bought features a slide mechanism in the back to adjust it to your neck size. Because of its shape, a bow tie has to be tied in one specific spot – you can’t adjust the location of the knot, like you can with a neck tie. There’s quite a science to adjusting a bow tie. I’ve found diagrams showing how the ends should line up with the buttons on your shirt. I, however, used the hit-and-miss method and eventually got it right.

I found that wearing a bow tie is quite comfortable, as long as your shirt’s neck is the right size. I like to wear neck ties with my top shirt button unbuttoned. I can’t do that with a bow tie. After a while, I forgot I was wearing it – unlike a neck tie, which is always in my field of view and often getting in the way.

My new bow tie received an overwhelmingly good reaction on Facebook. (I learned how to take a selfie with my new phone today.)

I was aware, when I bought the bow tie, but it didn’t really register with me until today, that it’s reversible. One side is a light green pattern. The other side is dark gray. I actually bought two bow ties.

By the way, my bow tie was made and sold by durian & the Lyon, in Eugene, Oregon.


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