Phillip I went to Crypticon today. Phillip had attended before, but it was my first time. It held in the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center, across the street from the SeaTac/Airport light rail station, so we rode Link all the way there from Capitol Hill Station.

(We’d discussed attending a late-night party at Crypticon – a party which ran from midnight to two – but discovered that King County just isn’t a late-night transit kind of place. The last Link train leaves SeaTac at 12:04, and Metro Transit’s trip planner was able to figure out how to get us home – a trip plan which involved four bus transfers scattered across the area. We could have driven, but agreed that neither one of us would feel like driving after a late-night party. I’m not sure why the idea of a taxi didn’t occur to us – we were at at hotel across the street from the airport, after all.)

Crypticon was a lot of fun. The convention is in its 9th year. It’s a lot smaller than NorWesCon or Comicon, but packs a lot into its small space. We had our photo taken with Cassandra Peterson (in full Elvira costume). We saw lots of great cosplay (including a quartet of singing ghosts, the puppet from Saw, and Henry Spencer and baby from Eraserhead).  We toured the dealer room a few times. There are several interesting panels, but we didn’t attend any.

I didn’t take a lot of photographs. I’m not afraid to ask a stranger if I can take a photo of their great costume, but I feel like there’s not much point. What do I do with the photograph afterwards? It’s not of anyone I know, so I don’t feel comfortable posting it anywhere. (I realize it’s OK to do so – I just don’t feel comfortable ) I took our camera with me, but found that using my new phone’s camera was a whole lot easier (and better quality). I wondered if the camera would become obsolete.

Phillip and I tried to play Words With Friends together on the train ride to the convention (remember when I wrote that I wouldn’t be using my photo to play games?) but found that we couldn’t get a connection. At the convention, Phillip tried to post a photo to Facebook, but discovered that neither one of us had internet access. At first, we blamed the hotel for blocking internet signals. I tried the hotel’s wi-fi, but needed a password I didn’t know. It wasn’t until Pamela (who was giving Phillip a massage) asked me to send a photograph to her that I discovered, somehow, that data transfer on my phone was turned off. It was the same with Phillip’s phone. (It really helps, us having identical phones.) I have no idea how that happened, but once it was turned back on, we were able to Facebook, message, access the internet, and play Words With Friends again. There is still so much to learn with these new smart phones.

We were both exhausted when we got home. I took a three-hour nap.

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