Deep Blue Cover

Between the Deep Blue Sea and Me, by Lurline Wailana McGregor, was published in 2008 by Kamehameha Publishing, in Honolulu, Hawai’i. It has a gorgeous deep blue cover, designed by Design Logix, and illustrated by Imaikalani Kalahele.

Between the Deep Blue SeaDr. Moana Kawelo lives a happy, successful life in Santa Monica, California. She is a chief curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Her fiancé, Charlie McNeil, is an attorney.

One morning, Moana has a dream about an old Hawaiian woman chanting to a shark. The shark loves the chant, and the woman, very much. Then Moana is awoken by a mild earthquake. She later learns that an unusual earthquake hit the Hawaiian islands at the same time as the Santa Monica earthquake.

Although she lives thousands of miles from her homeland, Moana still maintains strong ties to her Hawaiian heritage. She is a respected advocate for the Native Californian people whose culture is on display at the museum.

Moana returns to Hawai’i after her father dies. She is shocked to learn that her father, who had disapproved of Moana’s interest in the past, had been busy teaching Hawaiian culture to others in the community. Moana realizes that, although they’d spoken frequently on the phone, she had lost touch with not only her father and her family, but the Hawaiian community as well.

Moana finds herself torn between heritage which belongs in the family and heritage which belongs in a museum. She is torn between a future with Charlie and her ties to her past. Moana finds it hard to leave Hawai’i and return to her duties in Los Angeles.

Between the Deep Blue Sea and Me is a wonderful little book about modern Hawai’i, its culture, its politics, its language, and the encroachment of outside commercial interests.

  • A book with a blue cover

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