A Nice Day In Ballard

Phillip and Charles and I went to see X Men: Apocalypse at the Majestic Bay, in Ballard, today.

When Phillip suggested the outing to Charles last week, Charles said he’d love to join us, but he’d promised Shaylee that he’d bring a power tool she’d wanted to borrow over to her place in Belltown. (Charles lives in Magnolia, and neither he nor Shaylee own cars, but both get around just fine on public transportation.)

Shaylee wasn’t interested in seeing the movie with us, so Phillip came up with a brilliant solution. Belltown is on the way to Magnolia from Capitol Hill. Why don’t we bring Shaylee over to Charles’ place, Charles could give her to power tool, and we could drop her off at a RapidRide stop, where the D Line could take her back to Belltown?

It turned out that Shaylee would be on Capitol Hill this morning. So, we met her at Cal Anderson Park, drove her over to Charles’ place in Magnolia, the power tool (in a nice carrying case) was loaned, and the four of us drove to Ballard.

Shaylee and us parted ways in Ballard – she on her way to the D Line.

Phillip and Charles and I all enjoyed X Men: Apocalypse very much. After the movie, the three of us walked over to Full Tilt Ice Cream for some pinball. Then we browsed around Ballard Consignment, just for fun.

Charles had to take off, so Phillip and I had a late lunch at Li’l Woody’s. Then we drove over to Fred Meyer, and then home.

It was a fun day in Ballard.


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