Phone In Pocket

It’s been 90 degrees, more or less, and sunny, in Seattle today. I didn’t wear a jacket when I left our apartment this morning. So, I was faced with the problem of where to carry my new smart phone.

My old, tiny cell phone clipped to my belt. It fell off once when I was exiting the bus at Westlake. Fortunately, I noticed it in time to hop back on the bus, and the driver waited for me to retrieve it from the aisle. It seemed to fall off often when I exited our car, on the passenger side, in the Heaven Sent Chicken parking lot. I don’t know what was so magical about that spot. But other than that, it stayed nicely on my belt.

I don’t know how secure, or comfortable, this massive smart phone would be clipped on my belt. There’s more to lose now, if this thing falls and breaks.

I carried it in a pocket of my book bag this morning, and that seemed to work nicely.

When I don’t have my book bag, the phone fits in my back pocket. That, however, presents the problem of what to do with it when I sit down.

It was in my back pocket when Phillip and I walked up to Broadway yesterday, and it sat on the table when we stopped into Teriyaki & Wok for lunch.

A few years ago, Phillip gave me a nice holster-style bag that straps around my waist and around my leg. It has a pocket designed for a cell phone, but phones were smaller then, and my new one doesn’t fit in it. It has other pockets that work, however. That’s a strong possibility.

Carrying my phone in my shirt pocket, when I have one, just doesn’t feel right.

When did convenience become so inconvenient?

One thought on “Phone In Pocket

  1. You upgraded too soon! In a few years cell phones will have a screen as large as a laptop but they will fold all up to no bigger than a potato chip!!!! Meanwhile, I recommend that you get a string bag to clip to your belt or wear around your neck. Or wear cargo pants with those big pockets on the thigh. Or put the phone in your sock. tee hee! Oh wait….clip it to your pony tail? Put it behind your ear?

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