About That Shot

A couple of coworkers and I went to lunch at Il Corvo today. It’s a small and popular restaurant, we’d heard, and there’s always a lunchtime line. So, we took an early lunch, and got there a few minutes before it opened. There were five or six people ahead of us, and the line behind us kept getting longer and longer. We got there at the right time.

As we were standing on the sidewalk, I looked across James Street, to the Pioneer Square Station entrance. I like how unassuming that tunnel station entrance is. There’s not much decoration to it. It’s basically just a hole cut into an existing brick building. (The James Street entrance isn’t unique in that aspect, however.) It’s public transit that nicely blends into the city. There was a man with a backpack pacing around at the entrance, like he was waiting for someone. It seemed like it would make a good photograph.

I no longer carry our Nikon camera with me on a regular basis, and I didn’t have it with me today, so I took my phone out of my coat pocket. I had to wait for the man with the backpack to turn his back to me (so he wouldn’t think I was photographing him). I also had to wait for a break in the car traffic, as well as foot traffic on my side of the street, so the view wouldn’t be blocked. Finally the view was clear, but the man with the backpack walked off. I snapped a photograph.

One of my coworkers asked me what I was taking a picture of. I told her I just like taking photos, and that I liked that view.

Lunch was delicious.

Later, on my afternoon break, I used the Snapseed app to crop the photo. I played around with the preset filters (because I’m still learning how to use the app, and I don’t know all of the manual controls yet) until I got an image I liked. Then I used the WordPress app to create a post, upload the picture, and publish it. I did all that with my smart phone.

It was all a little too convenient. I can’t see my phone replacing blogging from a desktop computer (where I have more options available, as well as a larger keyboard), but I can see it replacing the camera.

5 thoughts on “About That Shot

  1. Where’s the shot you took? Actually my smartphone has replaced blogging on a computer for me about 80% of the time. I don’t have the luxury of a dslr yet, so many shots I took with my 2MP to 8MP. Now I spot a Zenphone with a 3gb ram, 32gb storage with a 13MP for both front and back camera, now I can even make a movie with this. Haha. But I still love the comfy-ness and numerous functions and big screen that comes with my laptop. I’m going to enjoy reading your posts I’m sure.

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