Phone Adventures

This weekend was supposed to go like this: Phillip and me de-cluttering on Saturday, and me spending Sunday with Writers’ Group.

Barbara called on Friday. Both Rebecca and Russ would be out of town (but not together) on Sunday, and she (Barbara) was feeling under the weather, so Writers’ Group would be postponed until July. I’d been feeling under the weather myself, and I had nothing written, so the postponement was agreeable to me.

On Saturday, Phillip and I were both feeling under the weather, so we didn’t do much of anything – including de-cluttering.

Today (Sunday), Phillip was feeling better than I was, so he de-cluttered.

I am two books away from finishing the 2016 Reading Challenge. (39 books completed, and it’s only the middle of June!) Both of those books are on hold at the library.

I started reading Light Side of The Moon, by Elizabeth Guizzetti, this weekend. It’s the sequel to Other Systems. It’s the book I acquired at the NorWesCon Charity Auction for half of what I paid for Other Systems. I still feel a little guilty about that.

This morning, Phillip and I learned about the latest terrorist attack, in Orlando. Phillip read about it on our desktop computer, while I read about it on my phone.


Today, I learned about music theory from the Khan Academy app on my phone.

Phillip and I are playing games of Words With Friends together – on our phones. (While Phillip and Shaylee and I were sitting in our car, waiting Charles to come down, last weekend, Phillip noticed that I’d taken my turn earlier in the day. While he was planning his next move, I turned to Shaylee and said, “You see, we’ve learned the true purpose of a smart phone. It’s so you can play Words With Friends with the person sitting in the back seat.”)

Phillip and I went to IHOP this evening. He drove, since I was still under the weather. On the way home, Phillip asked me who The Poly Clinic was affiliated with. (It’s our Find the Answer game!) I told him that as far as I knew, they’re not affiliated with anyone. I said there’s Swedish, Fred Hutchison, UW Medicine, Group Health, and The Poly Clinic – those are the big medical groups around here.

“What’s that big one up the hill?” asked Phillip.

“Oh, right. That’s Providence,” I answered.

“Who are they affiliated with?” ashed Phillip.

“I believe they’re owned by the Catholic Church,” I said.

“That would make sense,” replied Phillip. Then I remembered my phone.

I opened the Wikipedia app on my phone, and looked it up, as we traveled up Broadway. I had been right about Providence being Catholic, but I learned that Providence is larger than I had thought. It covers five states. I also learned that it bought Swedish in 2012.

I’m liking my smart phone.

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