Pajama Party

Today was gaming day in Everett. For Phillip and Kelly and me, however, there was more to the weekend than a role-playing game.

Phillip and I drove up to Everett yesterday, and spent the afternoon, evening, and night with Kelly at her house. We visited with Kelly and her mom. Phillip and Kelly and I went shopping at Big Lots, just for fun – we ran into Brian there and we had a short conversation.

We went out to dinner at Los Potrillos. We stopped into QFC for late-night snacks.

Driving around Everett with Kelly brought back memories of those years that I worked for an airplane manufacturer. (It’s where I met Kelly, so many years ago.) I had a network of friends there, and was in the Everett area just about every weekend. I still have a network of friends in Everett, but we’re now formed by something other than work. A lot of the buildings and businesses have changed, but many still look the same.

We returned to Kelly’s house and just hung out for the evening. Then we had a movie night. Phillip turned it into a pajama party, insisting that the three of us change into pajamas.

We watched an odd double feature of DVDs: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and Run, Lola, Run.

Phillip and I spent the night at Kelly’s house. This morning, we had a breakfast of coffee and cookies. (We forgot to bake the cookies last night.)

We lazed around for the morning, until it was time for the three of us to get into our car and drive over to Ben’s place. We picked up Ben, and the four of us went shopping at Winco for gaming food.

We made a brief stop into the AFK parking lot to meet Kristy, who had done some improvement work on one of Phillip’s tote bags. She had loaned Phillip one of her bags in the mean time. Once the bags were exchanged, Ben and Kelly and Phillip and I drove to Safeway because we’d all forgotten to remind Phillip to buy Diet Coke at Winco.

Ben and Phillip went into Safeway to buy Diet Coke, and Kelly and I hung out together in the parking lot.

Then the four of us went to Brian and Kathi’s place for gaming. Daniel couldn’t join us.

We had a great gaming session, set in Victorian era Paris. It included a wild chase out of the city, a sword fight, and me killing the person who could have ended the curse that had followed us through time – but only if she were still alive.

After gaming, we dropped Kelly off at home. We didn’t want the weekend to end, but we were all exhausted by not doing much of anything. Then we dropped Ben at home, and I drove Phillip and me home.

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