Pride Parade, 20 Years Later

Phillip and I typically skip the Pride Parade each year. (Too crowded and too sunny.) This year, we both felt we had to go. You see, this is the 20th anniversary of our first actual date. It was at the Pride Parade in 1996. After the parade, 20 years ago, we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch.

Johnny Rockets is no longer on Broadway, and neither is Seattle’s Pride Parade.

Today, we packed up our camping chairs, and other essentials, and took light rail from Capitol Hill to Westlake. As planned, we met up with a group from NorWesCon and set up our spot in front of Office Depot, on 4th Avenue, near the start of the parade.

The parade lasted several hours. We saw an amazing array of participants ranging from Boy Scouts, naked bicyclists, political candidates, acrobats, nightclubs, churches, corporate sponsors, and every city department imaginable. (Phillip and I agreed that the parade really has outgrown Broadway.)

I am now facing a decision whenever we go anywhere: Should I bring the camera, or use my phone? The phone takes higher-pixel photographs, but the camera is easier to use and more versatile. (Maybe it’s time for a new camera?)

Anyway, I chose to bring the camera. I took so many photos, however, that the battery gave out, and I switched to my phone. I took over 200 photos, combined. It’s going to take me days to sort through them, and I am exhausted.

Here’s one photo I took with my camera:

Pride Parade1

The parade was a whole lot of fun!

After the parade, we took light rail back home, dropped off the chairs and our loot from the parade, caught our breaths, and then took the 8 bus to the Pride festivities.

Then we took the 8 home.

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