Local Shopping

That card wallet I lost on Sunday was made from a recycled bicycle tire. I probably bought it at a street fair somewhere – I don’t remember. It held up well over the years, except for the hard, clear plastic piece sewn onto one side. The hard plastic eventually became brittle and cracked. Pieces had fallen off. (My theory is that the random cards which were found by my kind neighbor had fallen out of the wallet, rather than discarded by the wallet finder.) That card wallet needed to be replaced.

Phillip and I have both been on a casual lookout for a new card wallet for me at street fairs – University Street Fair, Capitol Hill Farmers’ Market, the Pride festivals, and so on – but hadn’t found anyone selling recycled bicycle tire products.

Today, I went to Amazon (actually, Smile Amazon – I’ve chosen NorWesCon as my charity) and did a search for “recycled bicycle tire wallet”. I found several choices. I found one of a similar design to my lost card wallet. I didn’t pay much attention to the company name, but I figured it must be local, because the picture showed the wallet holding a Seattle Public Library card. I bought it, and chose to have it delivered to the Amazon locker nearest to our apartment.

Later, I became curious about the name of the local company I purchased my wallet from. I went back and looked at my order. The company is named Alchemy Goods. I went to their web site and learned that they currently have a pop-up shop near Pike Place Market (which I could have stopped into on my way home from work), and sell through retailers all over the world – including two within blocks of our apartment (which I could have stopped into on my way home from work).

It’s funny that I didn’t think of looking for a retailer before street fairs and online shopping.

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