So I Guess I Do Read Like That

Popsugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge seemed like a fun New Year’s Resolution at the time. It seemed like a goal I could strive for, but never achieve. I could have fun getting as close I as could, at least. I could get a little closer, I figured, by collecting multiple categories for each book.

Come on, though – 41 books in a year? That means finishing a book every 1.27 weeks. I could do 40 categories, combined, maybe, but not 41 books. (Remember: One category required two books.) I don’t read like that. I didn’t even bother to add this blog to the list of Challenge participants.

But, I guess I do read like that.

Killing our television last Thanksgiving, losing the internet on the laptop, plus maybe having a goal in mind – and documenting it, conspired to make me that kind of reader.

On April 7th, I completed all 40 categories with 24 books. The year was not even half over. I was astounded how badly I had misjudged myself. I had to correct this mistake, somehow. Since I was playing by my own rules, I invented a Bonus Round. I was going to read 17 more books. I was going to cover all 40 categories with 41 books – as it should have been in the beginning.

Now, I’ve done it. I have completed Popsugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge. The year is half over, plus a day. I have read 41 books in 183 days. That’s a book every 4.46 days!

I purchased 3 books specifically for the Challenge.

1 book was purchased during the Challenge, but not specifically for it, and later used for it.

31.5 books were borrowed from the Seattle Public Library.

1.5 books were downloaded from Project Gutenberg.

1 book was borrowed from Kathi.

1 book was borrowed from my office.

3 books were written by Jean Johnson (the most from any one author).

5 were eBooks.

There were book I didn’t enjoy as much as others, but there were no books that I couldn’t finish. I think I got lucky there.


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