Shutting Down

Yesterday, I felt the need to shut down. I’m not sure why – it just felt the need to not do anything except stretch out on the couch and read several books.

We did get out of the apartment once, to have lunch at Roosters, up on Broadway.

Today, was laundry day. We packed up our stuff and drove to the laundromat at Bellevue and Olive. This laundromat is often frequented by an interesting mix of people and characters. It’s a fun place to get your laundry done.

laundromat CDs

Laundromat CDs

Today, there was a mysterious pile of music CDs on one of the tables. There were no cases, just a pile of CDs artfully laid out. There was some Jay-Z, some Bee Gees, some Blink-182, and several others. (I didn’t look through them.) They didn’t seem to belong to anyone in the laundromat. Had some set up a musical version of a Little Free Library? Did someone forget them? Was someone going to come back to reclaim them? We may never know.

There was also a cane in the corner. Again, it didn’t seem to belong to anyone. “How do you forget your cane?” wondered Phillip. (It was the type of cane someone would need.)

We came home, put our clothes away, relaxed a while, then drove over to Sundance Cinemas in the U District and saw The BFG.  (Based on the Roald Dahl book, not the video game Doom.) Phillip loved it. I was a little underwhelmed.

After the movie, we walked over to The Ave and had dinner at CaliBurger. We walked down The Ave a while, and then drove home.

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