Shopping And Buying

Today, we went on a shopping trip. Actually, I went on a shopping trip and Phillip went on a buying trip.

We stopped into the Cricket store first. Phillip had a couple of questions about his account.

We went to Value Village in Lake City next. Phillip bought the Hunger Games trilogy, and a couple of other books. (Buy four books get one free – plus everything in the store was 30% off.) He also bought a couple of DVDs: The Bone Collector and Rent.

While Phillip was shopping for jeans, I had fun looking at all the fascinating random stuff there was to be seen.

Our next stop was Target in Northgate. Phillip bought an assortment of stuff: a new yoga ball for our computer (I get to pump it up!), some belts, a case for the Nintendo game player we’d received as a gift, and other exciting stuff.

I looked at the cameras Target had for sale. (Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right that our phones now take higher megapixel photos than our camera.) I actually bought something: a Lego Jurassic Park game for our Nintendo game player.

We drove home from Target, dropped off our shopping bags, and walked up to La Cocina for dinner. Then we stopped into QFC for some groceries. It started raining on our way home.

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