Free Preview

I got out of bed this morning, feeling exhausted. My legs ached. It was because we went to a movie last night.

Phillip had a couple of free passes to a preview showing of Nerve. I still have bad feelings about the rotten treatment we received at the last free preview – when Phillip nearly lost his seat because he went to the concession stand. That was at Pacific Place, however, and this time it was the Regal 13.

I agreed to go.

The showing was on Thursday, which, coincidentally, was the day my card wallet was due to arrive in the Amazon locker. We’d have to make a detour on the way home, or I’d pick it up the following day.

Tuesday night, Phillip, for some reason, thought to re-check the passes. The showing was on Wednesday (last night), not Thursday. Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Amazon. My card wallet had arrived in the locker, a day early. We’d have to make a detour on the way home, or I’d pick it up the following day.

I went to the theater right after work. (Phillip, meanwhile, had driven to work, saw the 47 coming up Summit as he was driving home, parked the car, and made it to the bus stop in time to catch the 47 to Downtown.) I walked up 4th Avenue, cut through the pedestrian tunnel under Rainier Tower, through One and Two Union Square, and found Phillip in line. He was the first person in line.

We had our usual two hour wait. I forgot to bring a book. I played with my phone. We chatted with our neighbors in line. Phillip and I played Words With Friends together on our phones.

The line behind us was surprisingly short, compared to other free previews we’d been to.

We were treated well at Regal 13. They let everyone keep their electronic devices during the movie, but phones and such had to be turned completely off when the show started. They warned us that if they see a glowing light during the show, that person would be escorted out. (That seems fair to me.) And we were allowed to leave our seats.

If I had written a review of Nerve last night, it would have been a negative review. It’s not a great movie. But, the next day, thinking back on it, the movie’s growing on me. I still think it’s not a great movie, but it wasn’t terrible. It was entertaining and thrilling.

Nerve is the story of a high school girl who gets involved in a secret social media game. People sign up to be either a Player or a Watcher. If you sign up to be a Player, the site accesses all of your online activity, and gives you dares based on things you’ve posted. The dares can be embarrassing (kiss a stranger for five seconds) or dangerous (hang from a construction crane). If a Player accepts, films, and completes the dare, they receive money and status based on the difficulty, and on how many Watchers are following them online. Of course, the game is even more sinister than it first appears. (Maybe I shouldn’t have bought a smart phone.)

It’s an intriguing concept. I just wish the movie was better made. The characters and the acting were both rather dull.

After the movie, we walked over to Westlake and caught a Link train to Capitol Hill. We stopped into Phoenix Comics, where Phillip had a comic book on hold. Then we stopped into Broadway Market, where Phillip got to see how an Amazon locker works.

I now have a new card wallet.

After all that walking, and all that standing, I am worn out.

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