Is This Our New Geocaching?

screenshot_2016-07-08-10-16-26.pngYesterday afternoon, Phillip contacted me and suggested I download an app named Pokémon GO. I downloaded it to my phone while I was at work, and didn’t open it until I got home. I set up my character, and was very lucky to find an available name on only my second attempt.

Pokémon GO is a new game, still in beta, and seems to be very popular. (As I write this, I’m thinking of Nerve, the movie we saw this week.) I’m still figuring it out, but it seems to be about getting outside to real world locations and collecting virtual Pokémon. (I don’t know much about the Pokémon universe, actually.) There are also things like battles and teams, which come at higher levels. I’m not quite sure yet. I’m still very much a newbie.

Phillip and I went out last night. I left my phone at home – it needed charging. Phillip and I followed the GPS in his phone to the memorial near a bus stop, to interesting architectural features of apartment buildings, and to neighborhood parks. I watched as he collected Pokémon.

Phillip commented that it was like geocaching. I agreed.

screenshot_2016-07-08-07-00-37.pngThis morning, I tried it on my own. There are two “PokéStops” at the bus stop where I usually catch the 47. Unfortunately, the game didn’t seem to be working properly and I couldn’t collect anything at them. The game is still in beta, after all, and it’s been having some server issues.

I have friends and coworkers who are very much into Pokémon GO.

Yesterday, I rode the 47 home from work. As we passed by the Summit Slope P-Patch, I was thinking about Phillip and myself. We used to have a p-patch. That was our thing. We used to have sugar gliders. That was our thing. We used to geocache. That was our thing. Maybe Pokémon GO is our new thing.


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