Smart Walking

Phillip and I took a long walk through the neighborhood last night. We were hunting Pokémon.

It’s really kind of amazing. Pokémon GO is a smart phone game that encourages you to get out and walk. There are aspects of the game that require your phone to be moving at a walking pace. There really is no way to play it while sitting at home.

We saw other people standing around in small groups, looking at their phones. We said hello to a few of them. Pokémon GO is like geocaching. And, like geocaching, GPS coverage can be an issue.

Unlike geocaching, however, it’s impossible to “cache out” an area. Once we’ve visited a Pokéstop, we can go back and visit it as many times as we like.

Kelly came over for a visit today. She had a few laughs at our Pokémon obsession.

Kelly, Phillip, and I went out to lunch at Lunchbox Laboratory.

During lunch, we saw a guy across the street displaying the classic geocacher behavior. He was showing great interest in a hole in the ground. Then he would stop looking and hang out at the corner like he was waiting for someone. Then he’d take another brief look at the hole, and then return to the corner, pretending to be reading a poster on the telephone pole. He’d walk down the block a bit, and then return to the hole. That guy had to be a geocacher. If he was looking for the geocache in the Cascade P-patch, he was looking in the wrong spot – unless the cache has moved since we Found it many years ago. Phillip suggested that if he was still there when lunch was over, we should go over and offer help.

But he was gone before lunch was over.

We took Kelly back to our apartment and then walked to over to her car, parked outside of Top Pot (which happens to be a Pokéstop).

After Kelly drove away, Phillip and I took another Pokémon GO walk around the neighborhood.

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