Reading Blog Posts

I had intended to rewrite the pair of blog posts about going to Pride and losing my card wallet into a better written, more coherent story for today’s Writers Group, but I never got around to it.

This morning, I was prepared to go to the group empty-handed.

Then, while I was taking a shower this morning, I made the decision to bring the blog posts and read them. I’m never satisfied reading blog posts to the group. They just never seem to translate well to reading aloud.

But I printed out the posts anyway and brought them to the group, and got a good reaction.

Phillip walked up with me as far as Broadway. We hunted Pokémon along the way, of course. Then I continued walking up the hill, hunting Pokémon as I went.

Phillip had asked me to do some shopping on 15th Avenue for him. I did that after Writers Group.

I’ve complained in the past about the rerouting of the 10 from Pine to Olive, in order to make up for cutting the 43. But today I admit it was rather nice to be able to catch a bus along 15th and ride it home.

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