Is Geocaching The Next Pokemon GO?

The thing I forgot to include in Saturday’s blog post is that when we parked in Cascade, near Lunchbox Laboratory, I got to use the Pay To Park app on my smart phone for the first time. I’d set up an account earlier, so all I had to do was log in, enter our car’s license number, the Paystation’s ID number, and enter how long we wanted to park.

I’m not sure if the app is more convenient than using the Paystation, but it has two or three small advantages. I didn’t have to walk back to the car, open the door, and put the sticker inside the window. And, the app sent me a text message five minutes before parking expired. (We were already home when that happened.) Plus, and I’m not entirely sure about this one, but it appears that I could pay for more parking from the app if I need more time, without returning to our car.

screenshot_2016-07-11-10-49-14.pngAfter we saw that probable-geocacher outside of the Cascade P-patch, Phillip surprised me by downloading the official Geocaching app. (Later, I downloaded it to my phone as well – Why not?) Then, on Sunday, he surprised me even more when he told me he’d gone looking for a geocache while I was at Writers Group and he was out hunting Pokémon. He Found it, but didn’t have a pen with him, so he couldn’t sign the log sheet, and therefore couldn’t log the Find.

(And, by the way, if that guy was a geocacher looking for the Cascade cache, he was looking in the wrong spot.)

Maybe geocaching will return to our lives.

My smart phone is two days away from its two-month anniversary (and payment due date).

Cricket Wireless is a flat-rate phone service. It has four plans: 2.5 gigabytes per month, 5 gigs per month, 10 gigs per month, or unlimited data usage. If you use up your gigabyte allowance before the month’s end, you can continue to use your phone at a much slower date speed,  or you can buy more gigs on a one-time basis, or you can use a wi-fi connection.

When Phillip drove me into the Cricket store, two months ago, I had in mind that 5 gigabytes should be right for me. That was just a hunch however – I had no idea what smart phone usage is like. When I saw that the 10 gig plan was only $10 more than the 5 gig plan, I decided to go with 10 gigs instead – reduce the hassle of using up my data allowance. I was feeling reckless already, just buying a smart phone.

(Phillip, by the way, went with the unlimited plan.)

That first month, I used not quite 4 gigabytes, and that was after downloading a whole bunch of new apps. Now, two days away from the second month, I’m at 4.05 gigs for the month.

Now, I’m facing a decision. Should I downgrade to the 5 gig plan or use my phone more? (Phillip is predicting I’ll be using a lot more data now, with Pokémon GO.) For the time being, I’m going with the “use my phone more” idea. I’ve been listening to TED Talks – on my phone – while I work.

I’ll leave it at the 10 gig plan for at least another month and see how it goes.

Here’s another decision I’m facing. When carrying around a cell phone was a new thing for me (which wasn’t that long ago, actually), I created a blog post category named “cell phones”. As I started writing this post, I thought I should have a category for “smart phones”. But maybe that’s too close to being redundant.

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