Finding And Not

Yesterday, I was surprised to come home to an empty apartment. A few moments later, I received a text message from Phillip: “I’m at Top Pot”. Of course, I knew why. I walked over there and found him.

After we sat in Top Pot for a while, playing Pokémon GO, we walked around the neighborhood, hunting Pokémon.

Today, shortly before I left work, I received an email from Phillip: “Want to meet at Cal Anderson Park?” Of course, I knew why. I walked out of the Denny Way exit of Capitol Hill Station and we found each other in the park.

There are a lot of PokeStops in Cal Anderson park. Phillip and I walked around the park, stopping to gather Pokeballs and to catch Pokémon.

Then we walked over to the corner of 11th and Olive, where there are three PokeStops in close proximity: at Central Lutheran Church, at the park entrance, and at Hugo House (which is no longer there – this game is often an exercise in nostalgia).

At least a hundred Pokémon GO players were gathered there. Players kept setting lures at all three PokeStops, so we all kept catching Pokémon. There were many lively discussions going on, and we met an experienced player from Beacon Hill, who eagerly shared her knowledge of the game.

Lyft had set up a free phone-charging station nearby. Pokémon GO is a whole lot of fun, and full of fun, friendly players.

Cal Anderson chargers

Free phone charging!

Phillip and I have set up the same rule for Pokémon GO as we had with geocaching: When one of us says it’s time to stop, it’s time to stop. Although I was still having fun, I was getting tired (which is the perfect time to quit). I said I was ready to leave, so we said goodbye to our experienced friend, and we started walking toward Blue Moon Burgers.

We continued to hunt Pokémon as we walked, keeping an eye on our surroundings and stopping to the side of the sidewalk whenever one of us found a Pokémon. (That wasn’t breaking our “time to quit” rule, since we were still walking toward dinner.)

We came upon a geocache location and decided to look for it. It’s been around two years since we’d last geocached (it feels like longer) and, as I wrote in the online log, we came out of semi-retirement to log a Did Not Find.

After dinner, we walked home, hunting Pokémon as we went.

When I left work today, my phone’s battery was just under 80%. When we got to the apartment building, it was down to 15%. Pokémon GO is a battery drain, which is why Lyft was so kind to set up the phone-charging station.

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