A Better Night

Phillip and I had a nice walk through the neighborhood last night. Of course, we were hunting Pokémon.

We hung out with a group of guys outside of TNT Espresso. We had various levels of expertise and interest in the game. The conversations were fun.

I bought a Team Red Italian soda at TNT. This game is catching on like crazy, I tell you.

Phillip and I made our way down Broadway, toward Capitol Hill Station. We passed by the location of that geocache we’d DNFed on Wednesday. I glanced over and saw the cache.

screenshot_2016-07-14-20-42-19.pngGeocaching is like that. We search and search for a cache, and just can’t find it. Then we return a day or so later, spot it right away, and wonder how we could have possibly not seen it.

We logged our 1211th Find last night.

There’s a Pokémon gym near the light rail station. There were eight or ten players hanging around, having Pokémon battles.

Last night was only my second time fighting in a gym. And yet, I somehow managed to control the gym for about a minute. I amazed myself.

screenshot_2016-07-14-20-32-44.pngPhillip and I played at the gym for a while. Then we circled around through the neighborhood, hunting Pokémon until we reached home.

We logged a Find, and I controlled a gym!

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