A Multi-City Weekend

I’m still in a mindset where I don’t completely trust our car. Logically, I know that it was probably just a light left on (from a door not completely shut, most likely) that drained the already tired battery, and that the car’s diagnostics checked out OK. Still, I feel relieved every time the engine starts up. (Or, more accurately, when the “Ready” light comes on.) The car has had no trouble starting after that one morning.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, Phillip and I drove over to the Union Bay Nature Area to hunt Pokémon. (Different types of terrain attract different types of Pokémon, you see.)

The app was not cooperating with us, however. We had a little success, but not as much as we’d hoped for. Pokémon GO is still in beta. We understand that. Still, it was rather frustrating.

We did manage to Find a geocache in the Union Bay Nature Area. (It was not unplanned. I did some research before we left, and I brought a toy camel with me for swag.)

I used the Geocaching app to find the cache (the compass works very well) and to log our Find. Our smart phones have made our separate, hand held GPS device obsolete.

The thing I don’t like about the Geocaching app is the inability to edit a log. I’d taken a photo (with my phone) of something interesting along the way to the cache location, and included in with our Found It log. I discovered that once I posted the photo, there was no way to add a caption (letting geocachers know that it was not at the cache, but was nearby, to avoid confusion). There was no way to delete the photo, either. These were things I did on the Geocaching web site frequently.

The work-around to this problem, I discovered, is to use the app’s “Open in Browser” option – where I was able to add the photo caption I wanted.

From the Union Bay Nature Area, Phillip drove us to Everett. We’d promised to take Judie out to brunch. Judie wanted to go to Golden Corral, in Marysville. I took over driving. I checked Google Maps to learn that it was a no-turns route up Broadway, which becomes Highway 529, which becomes State Street in Marysville, where Golden Corral is located.

I feel like I am familiar with Everett, having spent a lot of time there over the years. And yet, driving up Broadway, north of around 20th or so, I had the feeling that I’d never been on that section of Broadway before. Nothing brought back memories. Even that spectacular view of Providence Medical Center looming nearby looked entirely new to me.

(It was east of this area where we got lost trying to find Brian and Kathi for the first time, not realizing that Everett has two entirely different, unconnected Grand Avenues, both with a view of “the water”.)

I saw a man crossing the street, in Marysville, with a gun on his hip. That’s something I never see in Seattle.

We had a nice brunch with Judie at Golden Corral. We took her to the Albertsons in Marysville so she could do some shopping. Then we took her home in Everett. Phillip and I then drove over to Kelly’s house for another pajama party.

(Kelly had been invited to brunch with Judie, but couldn’t make it.)

We went shopping with Kelly at Big Lots! – she needed a new tea kettle – and to Safeway for weekend movie food.

We had a great time, hanging around with Kelly, not doing much. Kelly’s mom cooked us a great dinner. Kelly and I took a walk while Phillip took a nap. Kelly and Phillip and I went shopping at Value Village, just for fun.

It was Kelly’s turn to supply the movies this time. We watched What Dreams May Come (which I’d seen years ago and loved) and half of Salt (which I’ve seen, but didn’t remember much about, so it was like seeing a new movie) last night.

Kelly cooked us breakfast this morning – including avocado on toast. Then we watched the other half of Salt. Then it was time for Phillip and I to head off home.

We didn’t go directly home, however. During the last pajama party, when Phillip did the bag exchange with Kristy, he’d accidentally left a set of ear buds in the bag that went home with Kristy. So, Phillip and I drove to Kristy’s house.

I used Google Maps on my phone to show me where Kristy’s house is. She and her son gave us a tour of their new house. We visited a while, and then I drove Phillip and me home.

I’d used Google Maps to show me how to get to I-5 from Kristy’s house. I’d also used the WSDOT app to show me that southbound I-5  was jammed up from Mountlake Terrace to Seattle. So, I got onto I-5 in north Everett, exited at Silver Lake, and took the Bothell-Everett Highway route home.

I am tired (in a good way) and our car gave us no trouble the whole weekend.

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