A Walk Around The Lake

Yesterday’s 85 degree heat got to me so much that Phillip decided to look up the symptoms for “heat stroke”. I had a few of the symptoms, but not enough. (How did I ever survive, growing up in New Orleans?)

I don’t know if it was leftover from yesterday, but today wiped us both out. Laundry, cleaning, groceries – it all got put aside for naps.

This evening, Phillip suggested that we take a walk around Green Lake. We never walk around Green Lake. This is a great walk on a July evening, and yet we never think to do it. This is yet another benefit of Pokémon Go.


We drove over to Green Lake, and parked at 63rd, near the baseball field. We walked counterclockwise around the lake, hunting Pokémon as we went. We saw a lot of other people doing the same.

screenshot_2016-07-30-20-17-11.pngWe walked as far as the Bathhouse Theater, where there is a Pokémon gym. There were just as many people playing on their phones as there were swimmers, I’d guess.

We didn’t find as many new Pokéman as we’d hoped – but, oh well.

We walked back the way came around the lake. We got back to the car with 40-50 percent of our phones’ batteries left.

We then drove to Blue Star Café & Pub, in Wallingford, for dinner. (The blackened Ahi tuna is excellent, by the way.)

I would have never predicted that buying a smart phone would mean exercising more.

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