Ten It Is

In a week or so, my still-new smart phone will be three months old. My data usage for the month is currently 5.04 gigabytes.

When we walked into the Cricket store, three months ago, I told the sales person that I don’t plan on watching YouTube videos on my phone. I saw myself using the OneBusAway app, or maybe playing a game occasionally, and not much more. By a wild guess, I figured the 5 gigs-a-month plan would be right for me. To be on the safe side, I signed up for 10 gigs-a-month. I could always downgrade to the 5 gig plan later.

During the first two months, I used a little more than 4 gigs each month. I considered downgrading, but then decided to wait a couple of more months, to get a better estimate. Then, in July, I said to Phillip, “You know, I’m paying for more data than I’m using, but it’s worth it to me to pay the extra ten dollars for not worrying that I’ll be getting too close to that five gig limit.”

screenshot_2016-08-05-07-10-24.pngI am using my smart phone a lot more than I ever thought I would. I’m using it for more things than I ever thought I would. For the first time in my life, I’ve subscribed to my favorite YouTube channels – and I’m watching them on my phone.

So, now I’m over 5 gigs for the month.

During our last trip to the laundromat, I didn’t bring a book with me, figuring that my phone would be enough entertainment. (That’s a habit I need to break.)

With our first cell phone (one cell phone for two people), we would turn it on when we wanted to make a call and turn it off when the call was done. Later (two cell phones for two people), I would turn my cell phone on when I left for work, turn it off when I arrived at my desk, then back on when I left work, and back off when I got home. Then it became: turn it on when I left for work, leave it on all day, and then off when I got home.

Now my smart phone is on from the time I get out of bed in the morning to when I go to bed at night.

2 thoughts on “Ten It Is

  1. Questions: does the laundromat have wi-fi? what about e-books, can you read those on your phone? I am surprised that your data usage is still pretty low even with searching for Pokemon! Maybe it is because you access wi-fi most of the time when you are using your phone? I wonder if the YouTube videos will eat up more data? Won’t it be exciting if you get up close to ten gigs!!!! I guess you are not listening to any political speeches via your phone, that would exceed the capacity…..

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