A Walk In The Park

Phillip and I took a 3-mile walk this afternoon. Sure, Pokémon Go was involved, but that wasn’t the main focus of this walk.

It was a walk for the sake of walking.

We walked up to Broadway and dropped some shredding off at the UPS Store. Then we walked along Broadway to the Farmers’ Market.

After browsing around the market a while, we headed over to Pike/Pine and had lunch at Lost Lake.

I haven’t had much of an appetite this week, due to an illness, but my appetite returned today, and my Mushroom Swiss Burger was delicious.

In-between placing our order and the arrival of our food, Phillip and I played Words With Friends, against each other, on our phones. I think that’s an acceptable exception to the no-cell-phones-at-the-table rule. (After all, it’s not much different from playing a board game during a meal at AFK.)

Lost Lake had a road bicycling race from (I assume) The Olympics on their televisions. In an alternate universe, if I decided to be an Olympic athlete, that would be the sport for me. Racing through the Brazilian countryside on a bicycle looks like a lot of work and yet a lot of fun.

After lunch, we walked next door to Elliot Bay Books and browsed around.

Then we walked through Cal Anderson Park. This time, the main objective was to hunt Pokémon. We spent some time hanging around the three Pokéstop spot – Central Lutheran Church, the (former) Hugo House, and the park entrance – with all the other players.

I reached level 19 in Pokémon Go today.

After reaching the north end of the park, we walked into Phoenix Comics and browsed around.

We made our way back home and did some de-cluttering.

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