Sad Little Mushroom In Everett

When I got home from work yesterday, Phillip informed me that we’d been invited over to Kelly’s house. I wrote a blog post while Phillip took a short nap. Then we packed up, filled the car up with gas, merged onto the northbound express lanes, and drove to Everett.

Phillip and Kelly and I had dinner at Vintage Café. One of the side dishes offered with our dinners was Mulligan stew. None of us knew what Mulligan stew is, so I ordered it to find out. Kelly and Phillip had fun laughing at me. (Hey, I figured it was just a side dish, so if I didn’t like whatever it turned out to be, I wasn’t going to go hungry.) Kelly decided to take the smart approach and ask the waitress. (It was a sort of cabbage soup, and it was delicious.)

After dinner, I introduced Kelly to the wonderful “Mushroom Song” from the 1959 movie The Giant Gila Monster.

We went back to Kelly’s house. We watched Pan’s Labyrinth. Phillip and I spent the night.

We didn’t make it all the way through Pan’s Labyrinth last night, so we continued it this morning.

The three of us spent the day in Everett, shopping for electronics, shirts, and Halloween decorations. We had lunch at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que. The three of us nearly died from the 80+ degree weather.

It’s Saturday night, and Phillip are back home in Seattle.

Technically, I’m not on vacation until Monday, but today was a good way to start a week off.


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